This moving 3D scan of life in Paris is truly stunning

Whoa. It’s like being able to have the vision to see the hidden skeleton of the city of light. Antoine Delach’s Ghost Cell is a “stereoscopic plunge into the guts of an organic Paris seen as a cell through a virtual microscope”. I just love how the look of daily life in Paris is seen in a completely new way. And how… »Today 12:30am12/01/15 12:30am

This machine that crushes soda cans is so hypnotic

I’m totally getting hypnotized watching this machine spin around and around as it crushes aluminum can after aluminum can. The colors of the soda, the constant spin of the wheel, the methodical movement of the arm, it all makes for such a satisfying video to watch. I think people would absolutely recycle more if they… »Yesterday 10:36pm11/30/15 10:36pm

10 Ways Geoengineering Could Save the World

The climate is changing. It was bound to happen, whether humans intervened or not. The Earth has gone through so many climate changes over its 4.5 billion years of life that it's enough to make your head spin — or melt, or get eroded by corrosive elements in the atmosphere, depending on what geological era you lived… »Yesterday 8:45pm11/30/15 8:45pm

A Hillary Clinton Salsa Dancing Email Mystery in Two Parts

The State Department released its latest Hillary Clinton email dump today, and I did it. I found two mysteries curled up in one email. It’s a brief missive of substantial obscurity, from the last release on October 30..............yet..................... it has been wholly ignored by the mainstream media. No longer! »Yesterday 8:30pm11/30/15 8:30pm

The UN’s New Report on Asian Teenagers and HIV Is Just Heart-Breaking

We’re making progress in the fight against HIV around the world, but it’s still very unevenly distributed. And the United Nations’ brand new report on HIV infections among teenagers in Asia is pretty upsetting. Some 50,000 Asian teens (aged 15-19) became HIV-positive in 2014 alone, and a total of 220,000 adolescents… »Yesterday 8:15pm11/30/15 8:15pm

How to break open a Master Lock with just a small hammer

It doesn’t take much effort to bust open a Master Lock. All you need to do is apply a little bit of pressure on one end and then add a few taps at the other side in a specific spot and pop, the thing opens pretty easily. Shockingly so! In fact, you don’t even really need a hammer to do this trick, the end of a… »Yesterday 8:00pm11/30/15 8:00pm