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As far as iPod rumors go, this is a weird one: MacOSRumors is reporting that Apple is considering building a table-top-sized iPod that uses a 3.5-inch desktop drive, built-in wireless networking, and Sirius Satellite Radio support. They're calling this rumored device the 'iPod Radio' or the 'iPod Home,' but it sounds like a lot of hooey to me. While a 5.1 surround sound/Sirius/wireless iPod isn't out of the question (in part or in whole), I'd be sorely disappointed if Apple continued to cash in on the iPod name to sell a marginally related product. More likely to me would be an iPod that supported those features, along with a variety of third-party speaker docks that turned it into a table-top solution—just like we have now.

Rumor Report - January 15, 2005 [MacOsRumors via OrbitCast]