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The NDA wraps come off Nvidia's super-hot new 7800-series graphics cards today. The short take is this: it's really, really fast—so fast, in fact, that most modern games aren't going to take advantage of the power a single card offers, let alone two cards in an SLI configuration. The first cards will show up on the market next week, so if you've got $600 or so sitting around, it'll certainly be the latest and greatest. But chances are you'll have to roll in our selected manner, and sate your desires with the massive load of previews showing up around the web today.

At least the launch of the 7800GTX should drive prices down for everything else, including ATI's offerings. Considering how choppy Battlefield 2 runs on my machine, I'm going to need a price break on a good video card (and motherboard, and processor, and...) really soon.


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