New Saitek Speakers

Unique would probably be the subtle way to describe these new speakers from Saitek. Behold the A-250 wireless speakers and the A-200 portable speakers. The A-250 is single unit housing two speakers and one 3W subwoofer. It can connect to any audio device and even features a nifty LCD screen. Who knows what the LCD would say, but every new gadget out is required to have an LCD screen, except the Shuffle, of course.

The A-200 features a different shape, but similar guts to the A-250. This also has a cool expanded air volume system. The middle chamber expands with increases with amounts of bass, similar to that of a frog or Uncle Bud s stomach at happy hour. The A-250 will retail around $175 and the A-200 should be around $140; both of which being released in October.

Saitek unveils eye-popping portable speakers [T3]