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Okay, maybe that's a little harsh. But c'mon now, the most well-known MobiBLU on the block is the DAH-1500i, which everyone knows is the world's smallest MP3 player. It has gotten rave reviews, people all over have been talking about it, it's even getting up there in popularity with the Shuffle! And now the MobiBLU DAH-1800 comes along, and it's just not the same. For one, it's bigger. Another, it's not even a cute cube. Yeah so it has 260k color OLED display and features like a photo viewer, a text viewer, and the ability to import your Winamp playlist. Plus it's kinda cute, I guess. But frankly, even if this were the brightest smartest MP3 player ever, it would still just play second fiddle to the DAH-1500i. Details like pricing and availability aren't available yet, but we're a little too busy fawning over its cuter sibling right now to care.

New MobiBlu DAH-1800 Color OLED MP3 Player [I4U]