Ideas in advertising sometimes go crazy. This was the case way back in time, and it always will be. One possibility is when an ad shows us the product as something completely different—like in these twelve vintage ads. The result can be funny or weird (you decide). And don't hesitate to add your own favorites from this genre in the discussion below!

Rodeo ride on a phone receiver. Ad for the Bell System, 1948.


Play that laboratory flask, you hippie! Advertising for a pharmaceutical company, 1973.

Source: Hungarian card calendar


Protect your eyes with Fabulon sunblock lotion.

Source: Tóth József Füles

Wine as a flag buoy. Joseph Frohner wines 1911.

Source: Taki Steve


Sunbed made of cigarettes. Gauloises Disque Bleu ad.


All hail to the mighty salami zeppelin bomber. Herz salami, 1907.

Source: Taki Steve

These pencils are the pillars of a skyscraper. Koh-I-Noor, 1928.

Source: L’Illustration, Noël 1928.

"Packet" Soviet made cigarettes were like artillery and cannon projectile.


Your velocipede is much better with a Schmoll shoe polish tire, 1909.

Source: Taki Steve

From a tiny car part to a powerful rocket. AC Spark Plug, 1959.

Source: Alden Jewell

Bottleplanes soaring the sky. Stojcai mineralwater, 1907.

Source: Taki Steve

Pack of cigarettes car seat and smoke ring steering wheel. Week-End, ca. 1950.