Hands On With the ScotteVest

We Gizmodo geeks, while not unattractive, should not be modeling clothing. With that in mind, I hereby present to you my review of the SeV Sport Tec 4.0 and the SeV Lounge Pants complete with pictorial representations of my own fine ass wearing the latest in geekwear from the inimitable Scott E. Jordan.

Warning—Fashion Week this ain't.

Hands On With the ScotteVest


I don't wear sweats, and when I saw the SeV Lounge Pants I was a little put off. They look like martial arts pants, straight legged and dark with an amazing 11 hidden pockets. ScotteVest makes clothing that can hold all sorts of things, from MP3 players to laser pointers, and these slacks are no exception. There's a unique magnetic closure on the pocket, a zippered change pocket, and deep pockets for your cellie and iPod. The exterior draw cord ensures you won't have to take off your belt going through the line at the airport and the heavy gauge cotton material ensures you'll stay cosy on the flight.


It's about 89 degrees here in New York right now, so putting these on in the summer isn't recommended. However, they were very light and comfortable, feeling like a cross between a well-worn pair of pajama bottoms and comfy work-out pants. As you see from this photo, they lie quite nicely on the frame and are quite soft.

Hands On With the ScotteVest

Now, for the main event. The SeV Sport Tec 4.0 is a silver nylon jacket with enough hidey holes to smuggle a case of 40s into a church picnic. As we see above, you cannot hide small dogs in this jacket.

Hands On With the ScotteVest

The first and most interesting pocket is the "laptop hidey hole." While my old Compaq didn't quite fit in there, a 12-inch Powerbook would definitely settle itself quite nicely provided you took the jacket off before sitting down. There is also a "pocket-in-pocket" beverage holder as well as a key chain and storm flap for the front zipper.

In terms of comfort, the jacket was warm and well made. I had a slight issue with the rear zipper sticking but that cleared up after a few inches of zipper travel. There is an easy to use system for squirrling your earbuds through the jacket and into the MP3 player pocket. This system, called the SeV Personal Area Network (PAN), isn't quite as high-tech as it sounds but it is easy to slide through a few cables through the intelligently designed conduits for easy access to cell and audio ear buds.

Hands On With the ScotteVest

There is a nice, easy-to-fold hood and both of the arms can be removed, which made the jacket much cooler. The back of the jacket, near the neck, is very soft and comfortable, which was an exquisite touch.

Overall, these two SeV offerings are quite comfortable. Both have so many pockets that they require a few hours of careful study to discover them all, which is always a good way to spend a layover ("Excuse me, sir, but we'll have to call security if you don't stop digging into your pants.","But I'm looking for POCKETS!") While the Lounge Pants weren't quite my style, they were very soft and cosy and the jacket has a great set of high-tech features that make it completely wearable.

Note—No dogs were harmed in the making of this review.

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