DAP Delights for October 6

We've got an international mix of items today: an Englishized (read: translated) review of the iAudio A2 movie player, a large Woodi gallery from Korea, and a music phone from Japan that brings Sony and Apple together. Plus, a quick review of the Gmini 402 DAP/PMP from France-based Archos.

DAP Delights for October 6

So, what good is a iAudio A2 review from Korea for English readers? Well, they usually have dozens of cool, high-res pics, but most of the actual review is completely lost in translation. A nice blog-fellow decided to help out our curious readers and translate one of the Korean reviews; here's a synopsis...


The video playback has a great advantage due to the large screen and crystal clear quality while the sound quality uses the already verified sound quality system that Cowon uses and so stands superior to other products. The battery life of 10 hours also exceeds expectations. Overall, this product has the most balanced specifications amongst the other PMPs out there and lots of attention and appraisal is predicted.

Cool. Thanks, blog guy!

DAP Delights for October 6


Immature teenage jokes aside, the Woodi CA-F180 has been released in Korea, and of course there are tons of nice pics. This thing is tiny, but Woodi still managed to stuff in an FM tuner, voice recorder, and line-in jack. You can also make your Woodi unique with seven different backlight colors. No word on if protection (a case) in included or not.

DAP Delights for October 6

And then there's the "Music Porter X" from Japan at the Ceatec 2005 electronics show. Not much English info yet, but the most interesting of what's there is the phone's codec support; Mp3, ATRAC3, ATRAC3Plus, and AAC. Certainly the first portable device to support both Sony's and Apple's format of choice, and good for those who've switched from Minidisc to the iPod previously.

DAP Delights for October 6

CNet took on the Zen Vision the other day, and now they've reviewed its smaller video-playing buddy, the Archos Gmini 402. A short summary of their conclusion:

If you want video and audio in your jeans pocket, get the Archos Gmini 402.

Okay, I guess we can live with that!

Thanks for reading, catch ya next time!