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Well good morning, my lovelies. Big news next week here in the Windy Apple and all parts unknown. First and foremost, we have the big XBox announcement(s) next Tuesday, October 11. What can we expect from the dreaded Borg/jolly game manufacturer, Microsoft. What wonders do they have in store for us? Well, after looking at X05 on October 5th, it might just be a bunch of guys sitting around going "Look at the leather detailing on that steering wheel in Pole Position 360! Killer!" But we shall see, won't we?

After the jump - A big Apple yawn, Hong Kong represents, and IT'S a DIGITAL LIFE oh oh ooo.

Then, on Wednesday, October 12, Apple takes over a bingo parlor in San Diego where they'll introduce the VIDEO iPOD and the iBOOK TABLET and the iPORK RINDS, a lovely pork-infused snack. Or maybe they'll just talk about some Powerbook updates and maybe a bigger iPod. What do we care? Give us iTunes Video Store or give us death.

Finally, we wrap up the week with Digital Life, Ziff Davis' attempt at resuscitating the ghosts of PC Expo and giving the professional, sweaty, and sometimes frighteningly fat DanceDanceRevolution hipsters of Williamsburgh, Brooklyn a place to refine their delicate craft. What can we expect to see there? Lots of games, free booze from the ExtremeTech and Sync guys—who are great even though they smoke up at work—and lots of satellite parties including Digital Focus—known for more booze—and ShowStoppers—known for sushi—at the Copa, Copacabana. The shows, while fun to run around at, are not what they used to be. I mean, during the dot com days a body could get a back rub, a bikini wax, two Dell Jukeboxes, and fifty t-shirts ("Rub my distended tummy for luck! CueCat!") just for paying the parking fee.

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Then, very far from us, is the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) which is different from the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (EmereldGreen Edition) because you're exploring Kanto and you get some Red and Blue Pokemon. What can we expect? Strange, vaguely cool crap like this wine-chiller thing from companies never heard of.



So there you have it: that was the week that is. So consider this when you're reading our rambling and typo-ridden posts—please understand that we'll have been drinking Maker's Mark until our eyes bleed, all in the name of finding out the best gadget news in the whole world—for you!