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Just when you thought that every possible variation of USB-powered peripheral was on the market, another one comes along to fill some tiny, microscopic niche and re-confirm that the world has gone completely bonkers.

The iSharpener is a USB-powered pencil sharpener, which in itself is either a clever satire on the rampant USB-ification of otherwise non-computer-related goods (example) or it's just, well, dumb. My favourite touch is how in one of the photos on the website it is coupled with a laptop — as if somehow the single function, brick-like iSharpener is a compliment to your mobile lifestyle.

The iSharpener features an automatic pencil-sharpening action coupled with flashing LED lights, to enhance your pencil-sharpening experience and to emphasise that sharpening pencils is crazyfunawesome.


But wait, there's more — behold the USB electric shaver and nail care system after the jump!

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The iSharpener is available in a "family" pack with 2 other items, the iShaver and the slightly less Apple-rific "USB Nail Care System". The iShaver is a men's shaver that charges through the USB port. Thankfully yes, once it is charged up you can use it independently from the computer, so all of you who envisaged standing at your bathroom mirror whilst your laptop dangles from your chin repeatedly hitting you in the balls, can breathe a sigh of relief.

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The USB Nail Care System looks like a miniature rotary sander and can levitate in mid air by harnessing the incredible power of USB.


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