Gyrotransport: Ultra-Portable Air Mouse

Thomson sneaked its newest Gyration product today, the Gyrotransport. This curvy white mouse could fit on a keychain and even get lost in your man-purse. There is a 1GB USB dongle that snaps into the underbelly too. Slide that sucker off, plug it into a Windows XP machine and it carries both the software required to run the air mouse and has plenty of room left over for a PowerPoint. It's not just for Road Bore-iors though. The functionality is completely programmable, and well more than 80 actions can be mapped to the four buttons. That includes a "swipes" function that can be programmed for a side-to-side or up-and-down motion. The demo dude swiped left and right to switch from a PowerPoint to a spreadsheet, and then clicked the smaller of the two black buttons for instant magnification. But you could also program play, plause, rewind, record — and with 100-foot range this would work very nicely with a Media Center PC (assuming you don't lose it between the couch cushions in .7 seconds).

Gyrotransport: Ultra-Portable Air Mouse

It runs on 2.4 GHz RF, runs on a single AAA battery and costs $199. No word on the release date.


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