From Vinyl to CD with the TEAC GF-350

My uncle is getting older and he's got tons of vinyl from the 60s, 70s, and 80s in his studio that he still listens to. Once I turned him onto iTunes Music Store and remastered editions of his favorite bands, he was ecstatic. Now with the TEAC GF-350, you can "rip" vinyl right to a CD and in turn, throw out all those hisses, pops, and cracks with your vinyl. It sells for $400 and is worth it for the ease of converting that vinyl to CD. You can also use it to play records, CDs, and AM/FM radio through its built-in speakers. Beautiful. Now start ripping those old Queen records and let me know when you've done "News of the World."

Get Your Dad's Beatles Vinyl Records onto CDs... [I4U]