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Looks like we're one step closer to Blu-ray. For the first time, TKD has announced that it's shipping mass-produced samples of Blu-ray, bare-type, cartridge-less discs. In BED-R (write-once type ) and BED-RE (rewritable type), these discs come with 25GB on a Single-Layer and 50GB on a Dual-Layer, with a recording speed of 2x. They will also be coated with TDK's DURABIS 2 hard coating, specially formulated for Blu-ray discs to keep them clean and scratch-resistent. The discs come in four variants—25 GB (Single layer, Write once / Rewritable disks) and 50 Gb (Dual layer, Write once / Rewritable disks).

TDK Starts Shipping "Bare" Type Mass-Production Blu-ray Disc Samples [New Launches]