Gizmodo-bread House: Win A Sharp 20-inch HDTV

Gizmodo-bread House: Win A Sharp 20-inch HDTV

Gizmodo is looking for a gingerbread architect. Instead of a little house built of sweet bread, covered with cakes with windows of clear sugar, build us something more Gizmodo-like. It has to be edible, that is the only rule. The prize: A Sharp AQUOS 20-inch flat panel TV (LC-20B8U-S). This beauty has a native resolution of 1024x768—not quite 720p, but it is HD-ready. It's also got 2:3 pulldown, aspect ratio control and plenty of inputs (two component, one S-Video, two composite, one RF, one RGB, four stereo RCA pairs, and one stereo minijack).

Here's how to win: Take two photos of your creation—one of the construction process and one of the finished Gizmodo-house. Mail the photos in JPG format—72 dpi, max 500 pixels on the top side—to with SHARP HOUSE in the subject line.

Go Hansel! Go Gretel! Build Gizmodo something And special thanks to contest sponsor Vikuiti, whose (marketese alert!) optical films from 3M help make LCDs like the AQUOS brighter.



Finalists will be announced on December 27.

Thanks to Vikuiti for sponsoring this contest, and making the awesome Aquos technology.

Thanks to Dan Haskell for the burning house photo.