CES Unveiled: LG's Style-i and Speakerphone

Never one to disappoint, LG had some fun gear on hand at Unveiled. The Bluetooth Style-i is best described as a remote control for your handset. It's an earpiece and keypad without any of the innards—it just connects to the phone for that stuff. It doesn't clip on the ear, but it's about the size and weight (.79 oz.) of a fountain pen. There is an OLED display for caller ID and redial. It supports three-way and call waiting. And it gets 8 hours of talk time. There is even a headset jack in case you want to just use it like that.

The Bluetooth Speakerphone is a portable device that could be good for the car or maybe an office (but that's a bit of a stretch I think). There is no speaker grill on the thing, and it was light as a feather in that way that makes you wonder: what's inside?

LG also had their new UTMS "Sassy Slider" CU320 phone on display. It's got a beautiful 262K color screen, 1.3 MP camera, TransFlash memory port, and it slides vertically to reveal the keypad. Expect to see more photos of this one later today after LG's press conference. And it will go on sale later this month from Cingular.


CES Unveiled: LG's Style-i and Speakerphone