LaCie Hard Drives - Ribbed for Her Pleasure

LaCie just dropped a few portable hard drives including the sexy Skwarim, a special piece by noted designer—and square lover(?)—Karim Rashid. The Skwarim holds up to 60GB and comes in textured pink or blue.

LaCie Hard Drives - Ribbed for Her Pleasure

There's also the Little Big Disk, which is a boring old stackable beast, and the Rugged Hard Drive which looks like a throw pillow and can hold up to 120GB. The Skwarim costs about $199 for the blue 60GB model—what, girls don't need extra HD space? The LBD costs about $799 for 320GB and the Rugged runs about $359 for 120GB.


The Rugged and the Skwarim are both pocket-able and all support USB 2.0 and Firewire, except the Skwarim which is USB 2.0-only.