Toshiba At CES: HD-DVD and Gigastyle to Spare

Toshiba unveiled it HD DVD products here at CES. They also focused on their Gigastyle product line with 3 new products which include:

-Gigabeat Flash DAP
-Gigashot 2MP Camcorder
-Gigastyle RD-XS55 DVD Recorder and PVR

HD-DVD was the main event here, with 2 players being released in March to the public: The HD-XA1 and HD-A1 which will go for $799 and $499 respectively. In addition, their new Qosimio laptops will also feature HD-DVD drives. Toshiba ia also concentrating a lot on new LCD and Projection TVs with over 25 different models being available in 2006.


Specific products updates to follow...