Vizio's Cheapest 4K TVs Will Only Cost $1,000

As well as covering the ridiculous high end, Vizio is carrying on like usual and pumping out some great value TVs. Like its new 4K sets, which will start at a fairly bargainous $1,000.

Sure, there have been 4K TVs at that price point before, but Vizio has cemented itself a reputation for manufacturing some high-quality products at extremely competitive prices recently. Its P series line-up will start at $1,000 for a 50-inch model, up to $2,600 for a 70-incher. All the sets feature advanced local dimming, a backlight that consists of 64 Active LED Zones, and Vizio's custom silicon. Reports from CES suggest that the results are "vibrant, sharp, and incredibly detailed." Win. [Verge]