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Russia is accusing the Brits of placing "spy gadgets" inside of fake rocks. From the looks of it, James Bond used some kind of handheld PDA to beam data to the inside of a fake rock. The Russian counterparts would, presumably, then upload the data from the rock using a similar PDA-like device. There is hidden camera footage of the spyrock, but no word on the type of devices used—or whether they were Bluetooth enabled, cellular, or simply i-Stones.

This image was lost some time after publication.

Hidden camera footage appeared to show individuals walking up to the rock by the side of a Moscow street, according to media reports. One man was seen on camera carrying the rock away. The rock appears to be about the size of a thick book.

Nifty idea. Question is, what sort of devices would you use to conduct an espionage operation like this one?


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