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The Fraunhofer scientists who developed the transparent OLED technology I told you about on Friday are not the only ones with see-through powers. An outfit called Universal Display Corporate also has the technology, which they have dubbed TOLED. Universal also claims a patent on transparency, but the two technologies are different. Universal has developed a "transparent compound cathode" that can be 70% to 85% transparent. They are already working with Samsung on some neat-o applications, and have a $130,000 agreement with the DOE to develop Novel Smart Windows Based on Transparent Phosphorescent OLED." The Fraunhofer crew has created a light-emitting polymer, and a new type of metal electrode that supplies current to it. This is where my cocktail-napkin knowledge of OLED technology gets soggy. Anyone out there care to fill us in on the differences between these two technologies and why one might be better than the other?

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