Hard Drive Dying Dance Track Winner

There were well more than 100 entries in this remix competition—and picking the winner was a tough tough decision. It's clear that the challenge of making music based on the sound of Hitachi hard drives failing was as much a reason to take part as winning the Tokyoflash Equalizer watch. So before announcing the winner, let's review the highlights:

Rap Wars:
Crizzash "All the MP3s I loved to play / Well at least the rootkit is out of the way"
Rootin' and Falootin' "So come aboard ladies / Your cap'n is waitin' / You can swab me poop deck if you know what I'm sayin'"

Best Samples or Vocals:
Sex Drive
Drive Time (Jane's Book of Computer Disasters Mix)
Please Don't Die


Runnner's up (the one's I kept going back to for another listen):
Tuhin Mehta
El Hardo Disko Morte


The winner, whose chill two-minute track is made entirely from the hard drive noises:
Hitachi Hard-Drive Project - Noriko Version

Congrats James Postlethwaite. E-mail me at tips@gizmodo.com to pick up your Equalizer watch.

Thanks to Tokyoflash for the watch, Odeo for the MP3 storage, DJ Hitachi for the hard drive failure sounds and to everyone else for taking part.