Napmosphere - Office Productivity Suite?

George Costanza would not be able to fit this translucent cocoon-like shelter under his desk, but it is meant for power napping and it can be stowed in a sports bag. This is one of four prototypes developed by architecture students from the University of Stuttgart in support of research showing that short daytime naps improve concentration.

The individual who is apt to having midday-lows during the work day can dive into a relaxing atmosphere. After a 20 minutes regeneration period the individual arises motivated and fully re-energized. The multi-layered translucent and breathable capsule in combination with a 3-dimensional laying surface allows for the boundaries of the room to disappear.

Napmosphere - Office Productivity Suite?

If you're too wasted to unfold the Napmosphere, then just fall into the "Schlafgras" (or sleep grass, pictured right) that enables the power napper to construct a "personalized nap landscape." The designers admit that these styrofoam tentacles would only come into fashion, "After decreasing the 'fears' of napping in a working environment..." You can also learn about the "Napshell" and "Nappak" This project is actually from 2004, and was last exhibited in Germany a year ago.


Whatever, Costanza would approve.


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Napmosphere - Office Productivity Suite?