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Leave it to the brainiac graduate students at the MIT Media Lab to come up with fashions that blend techno-geekiness with other-planet surrealism. Putting together an event called Seamless: Computational Couture, the wigged-out designistas took the meaning of the term wtf to an entirely new level. The curators described the event as a showcase for innovative and experimental works in computational apparel design, interactive clothing, and technology-based fashion. Pictured here are a few highlights. Here s Heartbeat Hoodie, which probably doesn t look as good on a woman without particularly large breasts, but it takes pictures as its wearer s heart rate increases, in what s called a form of involuntary blogging.

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Dark Watch counts dark intervals of time. In this case, it s programmed to cycle every 261 seconds, the rate at which people are dying in Darfur, Sudan. But what time is it? Who cares? People are dying.


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And then there s Exhausted consisting of a pair of vests attached by a bellows-like connector that actually makes whining noises as the two wearers move away from each other. One piece of advice, kids: Don t wear this when it s time to go meet the parents.

Lots more examples here, including streaming video: Seamless