Origami Revealed: It's a 7-Inch Tablet PC Platform

News.com is showing the first official pictures of Origami 'minitablets,' which look not unlike the large origami images we saw a couple days back—and exactly like the small images we posted this morning.

News.com is saying that the Origami devices run a "variant" of Windows XP (and can run other x86-compatible operating systems) and are small enough to fit in a "large pocket." (That's pretty wishful thinking for a device with a 7-inch screen.)

While some models leave out the keyboard entirely, one model—the red and white one seen previously, which is said to be a prototype that's two years out'—has a twist-top that reveals a QWERTY thumb board underneath.


Price? "Under a $1,000."


Origami minitablets [News.com] (Thanks to all you people sending in links. We appreciate it!)

Origami Video (IE6 Only) [Video.MSN]

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