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If you like your phones super skinny and encased in metal, Motorola's RAZR and SLVR have just gotten themselves some serious new competition in the BenQ-Siemens EL71 slider phone, announced today at CeBIT. Brushed aluminum and magnesium! Only thick! A keypad that glides out gently! You'd probably be going out on the town more if you had this phone, the better to show it off.

For a phone that's meant first and foremost to be stylish, the EL71 is no slouch feature-wise—unlike, say, Nokia's first fashion phones. The camera is 1.3 megapixels with a flash and will do video, it has Bluetooth, takes microSD cards and will play MP3s and AAC files. The Music Cable IHM-100 accessory lets you plug it into any hifi system and play your music over speakers, so maybe you wouldn't bring your iPod around so much anymore.

Price for the EL71 is still TBA, but it should hit markets next month in Quartz Anthracite ; Opal Black" is to follow. If BenQ Mobile is serious about taking consumers away from Motorola, perhaps they should consider putting it out in pink, no?

We'll try and get an EL71 in for review later this month, before it goes on sale. We'll have more on the other handsets BenQ-Siemens announced at CeBIT as the week progresses.



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