Epson R-D1s Looks Like a Film Camera, Isnt

Epson has added a few software updates to its R-D1, and now the result is the R-D1s, a rangefinder camera that's trying as hard as it can to look like an old-school film camera. It's a 6.1-megapixel model whose main claim to fame is that it uses the Leica M and L lenses, known and loved by pro photogs the world over for their rugged constitution and unparalleled sharpness. Heck, it even looks kinda like a Leica. We like-a. Even though its film advance lever is used to navigate its digital menus, the fact that it's a digital camera is betrayed by its 2-inch viewfinder. This update to the groundbreaking R-D1 will be available on March 28, but pricing hasn't been announced.

Epson R D1s [LetsGoDigital]

Epson R-D1s Looks Like a Film Camera, Isnt


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