Just a quick heads-up: ExtremeTech—one of the only Ziff Davis publications we can not only read, but enjoy—is hiring a full-time reporter for their Silicon Valley offices. Considerable experience, we're sure, is necessary.

When ExtremeTech launched a few years ago we were dubious—it seemed a clear attempt by a (relative) publishing giant to co-opt the space pioneered by such sites as Ars Technica and HardOCP. And, you know, it sort of was—it just happened that ExtremeTech provides some of the best PC and home theater-related testing and reviews around.

If you're a tech journalist looking to work with some of the industry's most knowledgeable (and least bullshit-prone) writers like Jason Cross and Loyd Case, polish up that CV and pass it along.


Oh, yeah, you'd probably have to write for PC Magazine, too. Consider that an excuse to get close enough to Dvorak to slip in the crys-knife.

Reporter Wanted For ExtremeTech [ExtremeTech]