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So finally, Sony catches up to Panasonic and JVC in the hard disk drive camcorder derby. Sony's DCR-SR100 camcorder is tapeless, going with a 30GB hard drive that can store seven hours of standard definition video. In a pinch, the thing can record 20 hours of reduced-quality "long-play" video. It's slightly less than 6 inches long and weighs 22 ounces with the battery—not exactly pocket-sized, but it'll fit nicely in a backpack or purse.

It has a 2.7-inch 16:9 "wide LCD" view screen, and we like the Carl Zeiss lens with a 10x optical zoom with a 3-megapixel CCD. Once you're done shooting, you can offload via USB 2.0 for editing. Recording in the MPEG2 format, it uses the same compression engine as Sony's DVD cams. The DCR-SR100 retails for $1000 and will ship on May 21.


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