Chimpy McChimphead and Roboreptile

Wow Wee showed us their latest and greatest last night, including a fellow we've seen before and who I call Chimpy McChimphead—he's an absolute freak: just imagine some crazy chimp head screaming at you from a table—and the very cool Roboreptile.

Chimpy McChimphead and Roboreptile

Roboreptile has a new remote control and is very fleet. He can rear up on his hind legs and menace all comers and was also freaking out on the table where they were showing him, Mr. Chimpy, and the full Robosapien family. Roboreptile should be available later this summer—think end of summer—for about $119.99. We attempted to get McChimphead and Roboreptile to fight, but Chimpy's a lover, not a fighter. Punk.


Product Page [WowWee]