iRiver E10 Reviewed (Verdict: CNexcellent)

The 6GB E10 received an Editor's Choice award from CNet Asia. Why? Well, it's as thin as a RAZR (thicker than a Nano though), has 6GB of memory, an intuitive UI scheme, the carrying pouch that CNet likes doing subliminally naughty things to, and TV remote capabilities. A strange thing to include in an MP3 player, but hey, it's good for changing the channel at bars.

Macromedia Flash Lite 2.0 support with user-created videos downloadable off their website means you can watch internet videos like Homestarrunner and Youtube on the go. Other features: FM tuner, voice recording, picture viewer, 23 hours of playback time (!), fast USB 2.0 transfer rate. There is a little bit of pixelation in some video scenes but nothing too horrible. All in all a good alternative somewhere between the iPod Nano and the iPod Video, but a little pricey at $449 $284.14 US.

Bonus E10 pic after the jump.


iRiver E10 [CNet Asia]


iRiver E10 Reviewed (Verdict: CNexcellent)