BenQ'a Mia, A Cellphone For Girly Girls

Girls and gadgets don't often go together so it's nice to see companies trying to squeeze some money out of a relatively untapped market. The company in question is BenQ-Siemens and the gadgets is Mia, a pastel-colored EF61 cellphone with a girl-friendly flower petal print on the front. The clamshell cellphone has a groove along the side so as not to harm girls' longer finger nails when opening it. It comes with a satin pouch, powder blue headset and data cable and built-in tips on how to nag husbands.

The Mia, ho-hum 1.3 megapixel camera and all, is set to debut this September over in the UK. It'll retail for around $184 on a pay-as-you-go plan, complete with lipstick and eye liner.

Up close with Mia, BenQ-Siemen's new lady phone
[Gadget Candy]