This, my friend, is the Vapor Tracer, a device being used in the drug wars to sniff out narcotics. Its nose is a mass spectrometry sensor, which finds little bags of cocaine in your ass by detecting the "mass-to-charge ratio of ions". Yeah, neither do we. Anyhow, it's the coolest of all the hardware in this BusinessWeek article about tech in the drug war.

The other cool picks include a portable substance identification lab; a giant Gamma Ray mounted on a truck for seeing into cargo bays of trucks (and turning drug mules green, strong and angry. ARGGG!!!); a 6.5 million dollar Predator drone with infrared cams; a crystal meth lab, and a sweet, sweet, indoor marijuana greenhouse. Picture of the greenhouse after the jump.

General Electric Vapor Tracer: An Electronic Bloodhound for Busting Druglords


In This War, Technology Is Key [Business Week]