Yes, yesterday brought us the good news that Segway, Inc. will be releasing two new models of its personal transportation devices. To celebrate, jump to peruse a quick little retrospective on the one gadget that finally brought peace to a wanting world and healed man of all his ailments.

The Segway's been through a lot in its few years with us. Why, it was recalled less than two years after its introduction, but not before the Commander in Chief took a great fall off it, as seen above.

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Controversy aside, the Segway was adopted by police forces across the country to help Johnny Law patrol America's mean streets. Look at that police officer: he means business.

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Who could forget Steve Wozniak, or Woz as I call him, participating in some sort of Segway polo tournament last winter? It was a feast for the eyes.

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Remember the New York City transit strike last December when the rest of the country made fun of New Yorkers, saying that they're little choo-choo trains weren't running? Segway came to the rescue...sort of! At least one nerd was spotted using the glorified walker to traverse over the cold, unforgiving sidewalks.



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