Falcom USB EDGE Cards for Ultraportables

Once again, Mobility Today's Dave got his mitts on some exclusive gadgetry, this time USB EDGE cards for ultraportable devices. (Well, one EDGE card at least.) The Plug-and-play Falcom Samba 75 grants the user access to the sweet speeds of the EDGE variety, along with GSM and GPRS support. Even better, there's a SIM slot right on the module, so if you're one of those people who own dozens of cellphones (to keep all of your girlfriends in line, naturally), a simple SIM transfer will have you up and running before the wife finds out.

Also featured in the hands-on is the Falcom Samba, which supports GSM and GPRS, but not EDGE.

Both cards, of which Dave has plenty of pictures of, are available now.


EXCLUSIVE: Falcom USB Edge cards for ultraportables [Mobility Today]

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