Two New Sprint EVDO Rev. A Cards: Pantech PX-500 and Sierra Wireless Aircard 595

Sprint looks to be on track to launch their faster Revision A EVDO network in the fourth quarter of this year. They've already announced one card, here are two more.

The Pantech PX-500 will go for $200 or free with a 2 year commitment.
The somehow higher-end Sierra Wireless Aircard 595 will go for $250, or $100 with 2 year commitment. [Pictured above]

Both are PCMCIA cards, and both will take advantage of the EVDO network now at 400-700 Kpbs, as well as the faster 450-800kbps Rev. A network.


What makes the Sierra more expensive? A durable built in high performance antenna, apparently. So, we'll take the cheaper one, kthx.


Sprint Announces Plans To Expand EV-DO Revision A-Capable Device Portfolio [Sprint]