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  • Power User - The Best of LifehackerPlay games on your iPod for FREE
    "Even if you're stuck in pre video iPod obsolescence, you can still play video games like Texas Hold 'Em, Tetris, and Bejeweled (all on sale at the iTunes Store) on pretty much any iPod with a little bit of virtual elbow grease for free."
  • Get a free college education online
    "Not headed back to school this fall? You could be, minus the exorbitant tuition and without even leaving your chair."
  • Create your own virtual private network with Hamachi
    "Using the free virtual private network application Hamachi, you can access your computer from anywhere on the internet as if you were home on your local network."
  • salary search
    "...a search for 'Web developer PHP' versus 'Web developer Java' in lower Manhattan yielded a $24,000 salary difference."
  • Control iTunes with your PSP
    " run a web server on your PC that serves up a PHP page from which you can control iTunes that fits ever-so-nicely on your PSP's screen."