Creative Xmod Promises to Make Your Crappy MP3s Sound Better With X-Fi Technology

Creative claims that its latest invention is able to improve the sound quality of everyday music sources—like the iPod, Zen or just a stack of MP3s residing in your computer—to "beyond the original CD quality." It uses Creative's X-Fi Xtreme Fidelity technology to enhance the sound. Basically, you place the Xmod, which is the size of a "candy bar," in between your speakers and digital audio source and let it work its voodoo. It draws power from your computer, so if you're hooking it up to a portable audio player, you'll need to make use of the AC adapter, which is sold separately, natch.

The Xmod will hit stores this month and will retail for $79.99. For some reason, the phrase "wait and see" comes to mind.

Product Page [Creative via CrunchGear]