edimensional GPAD Pro PS2 Controller Hands-On Review - Get PS3's SIXAXIS Controls Early

We first saw eDimensional's GPAD Pro way back at E3, back when it was shaped more like a PS2 Dual-Shock. The design may have changed, but the basic premise hasn't—to bring PS3 SIXAXIS motion-sensing to the PS2 and PC.

What did we think of the controller? We loved its motion sensing, but only for certain games.

edimensional GPAD Pro PS2 Controller Hands-On Review - Get PS3's SIXAXIS Controls Early


Motion sensing may seem pretty darn cool at first—being able to tilt the controller to make game move—but in actuality it only works well with certain types of games. These games? Racing and flight simulators. And since I get vertigo just standing on my coffee table, it was just down to racing.


In Gran Turismo, the controller worked great. Tilting to the right or left, if you use your imagination hard enough, felt just like a steering wheel—albeit a pretty sensitive one. There were no problems with calibration since it just worked right out of the box. After a few minutes of getting used to the concept, the controls were good enough to get me a first place in the races I tried in this game and in the cell-shaded Auto Modellista (not to brag or anything).

What didn't work were games like Katamari Damacy and Shadow of the Colossus, where you had to combine moving your character in one direction with moving the camera in the other, and pressing buttons for actions simultaneously. It was especially weird for Katamari when you have to tilt the controller and use the right analog too. Of course, your arms do get tired faster when you're playing this way, and that's the main complaint people will have.

If this is the way the PS3 is going to work, we'll see many people turning off the motion sensing in most games, seeing as you have to keep it absolutely parallel to the floor if you want to stop moving.

But, we can see this as being pretty fun for racing and plane games if you spend a few hours getting used to it. Available for $39.

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