One of those America-hating, hippie organizations going by the name of SWAMP (Studies of Work Atmosphere and Mass Production) created a robot called Coke Is It that is programmed to kill itself. Good message to send to the kids out there, SWAMP. The robot is programmed to find puddles of Coca-Cola (you know, the big, faceless corporation that's sucking all the mako out of the planet) on the floor then suck it up using an electric pump. Then, the robots sprays itself with the Coke and the acidic nature of the Earth-killing soft drink eats away at the robot's "skin." After the skin is sufficiently worn away, Coke finds its way into the robot's circuitry, leading to its "death." Very subtle metaphor, fellas, as the video demonstrates.

Now excuse me while I drive my big SUV down the block in order to purchase ozone-depleting cans of aerosol spray and non-biodegradable styrofoam cups.

Coke Is It Video [SWAMP via we make money not art]


[YouTube video by mattkenyon]