Navicore's Bluetooth GPS is the Smallest Ever

Navicore's Personal 2007 GPS works features Bluetooth compatibility and is only 64x22x15mm and weighs 30g. For a GPS device, that's pretty damn small. The receiver re-acquires satellite signals in 100ms and grabs position updates every second, sending data to your Smartphone, PDA or car to update its on-board maps of your current position.

The Personal 2007 is powered by SiRF Star III GPS, and works for all of eight hours on a single charge. It powers via USB, so you can even use a standard car-USB charger to operate this continuously. It works with all Navicore Personal products that support Symbian S60, S80, UIQ3 and Linux Internet Tablet OS 2006 Edition.

If the picture isn't indicative of its size, check out our SIZEMODO after the jump.


Navicore Introduces the Smallest and Lightest Bluetooth GPS receiver in the world [Navicore]


Navicore's Bluetooth GPS is the Smallest Ever

Now when someone asks you where you're getting your directions, you can literally say "from my ass, Bob."