Intel/Yahoo to Tap Quanta For Butt-Ugly New UMPC

According to the briefest morsels of info leaking out of the Intel Developer Forum in Taipei, the long-rumored collaboration between Intel and Yahoo to produce their own UMPC device has finally borne fruit in the shape of that rust-colored contraption you see above.

The as-yet-unnamed UMPC is to be made by Quanta Computer, the Taiwanese company apparently involved in the $100 laptop wheeze. Hard facts are still thin on the ground, but the word is that bog-standard Windows XP Tablet Edition is involved, as well as:

"Yahoo's Go for ultramobiles, a joint software effort with Intel designed to deliver digital entertainment on devices that use Intel Viiv technology, including Go TV, and Yahoo photos, music, and other content."

Quanta's Intel/Yahoo UMPC prototype on display at IDF [Digital World Tokyo]