New LG PMP - Feels Good

Apple needs to release something big and fast if they want to keep up with the new PMPs that are coming out. This new LG sports a 2.4 inch display, is cased in some serious aluminum, stores 4GB of media, and uses a touch-screen interface. Video playback is only 3 hours on a charge, but music playback is rated at 24 hours (same as the new Nano).

We like that it supports e-books and is using touch-screen even if it means we will put a huge thumbprint all over Josh Hartnett's naturally perfect features. Hell, we'll support touch-screen video for that function alone. Of course, the case does leave plenty of room for buttons since the screen doesn't take up one complete side by a longshot...No word on price or if we will behold its glory in the US.

News Story [via i4u]