Girly Motorola i835 Now On Boost Mobile: Do Girls Like Girly Gadgets?

Motorola's got good news for all eight female Boost mobile users out there who want, nay, yearn for a cellphone that was specifically designed for girls. The i835 takes all of the focus group-tested assumptions about what women want and throw them into a cellphone that looks like it was designed in 1996. The girl-friendly features include its floral design that just totally matches your purse's color and girly wallpapers (one's named "Sweet Lilac"... sweets for a sweet, I suppose). Unofficially, I hear the i835's personality changes once a month for a few days, tearing men apart for no reason.

Companies seem to have a, well, hard-on, for releasing girl-friendly gadgets. Does this pandering work for you gals?


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Silly me, assuming we have female readers.

Motorola i835 Launches on Boost Mobile []