Sign of the Apocalypse: TMX Elmo Shipment Hijacked

This TMX Elmo is one hot item this holiday season. We first heard about it back in September. We've also seen a videos of the doll in action and even saw a TMX Elmo sex tape. But this is just ridiculous. A Wal-Mart shipment of 100 TMX Elmos destined for homes in Arkansas were hijacked en route.

Wal-Mart is damn determined to get the shipment back. They are offering a free trip to a crappy NYC comedy club for the return of these toys. Hey Wal-Mart, here is a hint. The toys were likely stolen to be hocked on Ebay where they are fetching an average of $100 each. I don't think a comedy club will sway the thieves.

TMX trouble: Elmo is stolen! [Via Consumerist]