T-Shirt Turns Air Guitar Riffs Into Actual Sounds: The World Weeps

Odds are that everyone has rocked out to the sweet sounds of an air guitar on at least one occasion and now scientists have invented a t-shirt that transforms your air riffs into real ones. The t-shirt interprets the movements of the wearer's arms (one picks and the other creates cords) and wirelessly sends the information to a nearby computer that then interprets the riffs. In the end, the sweet sounds of your killer rendition of "Sunshine of Your Love" fill the air.

The scientists who developed the t-shirt said that the technology could be adapted to other, more useful functions, like improving coordination or asking out girls. What the world needs now is a device to allow for air blogging: that's where the money's at.

Every wanna-be rocker's fantasy comes true [CSIRO via Yahoo!/AP]