Etymotic ety8s Reviewed: Mullet Required

We've already given you our take on Etymotic's forthcoming ety8 Bluetooth earbuds, and now the folks at Laptop mag have taken the chunky cans for a spin. The earbuds are connected to each other via a behind-the-head wire and can be paired with your iPod ($299 with adapter) or with any Bluetooth-enabled device ($199 without adapter). The adapter uses your iPod's battery for power and controls are embedded on the right earbud. A single charge should give the ety8s about 8 to 10 hours of battery life.

So are they worth your next pay check? Click through for the verdict on these chunky headphones.

Etymotic ety8s Reviewed: Mullet Required


For their noise-canceling abilities, the ety8s did a good job. Even when they were turned off, "we could barely hear conversations going on around us." Sound quality was also good and the buds work up to 22 feet away from your iPod. However, unless you have long hair to cover their fuglyness, "you'll have to weigh the fashion faux pas against the sound quality and convenience of no longer finding yourself wrapped up in an earphone cord." It's a shame cause I've personally liked Etymotic's earbuds, but if I'm paying $299 bucks for a pair of cans, the last thing I should have to do is hide them.


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