Samsung YP-K3: The K5's Little Brother, Sans Speaker

The Samsung YP-K3, scheduled to make its debut at CES in January, is the slimmed down successor to the YP-K5. Supposedly it's Samsung's "slimmest and sleekest," which, given the picture, would be hard to argue against. The biggest difference between the new K3 and the K5 is that that K3 is believed to be lacking the built-in speaker that made the K5 unique amongst other DAPs. The screen is a little larger, too, this time coming in at 1.8 inches versus the K5's 1.7 inches. Whether or not it's any better at viewing pictures is anyone's guess. There's a higher-res shot after the jump.

Samsung YP-K3: The K5's Little Brother, Sans Speaker

Other than those most basic facts, nothing else has been officially announced by Samsung. All it needs to do is correct a few of the complaints we had about the K5, which was a little clunky and some of its extras like picture viewing and FM radio weren't as well-done as they could've been, and the K3 could end up being a fine DAP indeed.


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