High-End Audio Equipment Holiday Wish List

'Tis the season for gift guides and while our gift guide is the best, there's nothing wrong with getting second opinions. CrunchGear recently looked at high-end consumer audio equipment for several different categories, doing a fine job in its own right. The "winners," so-to-speak are:

•Wireless Audio: The Sonos ZonePlayer ZP80 and the Olive Opus.

•Headphones: The Shure E500PTH and the UltimeEars triple.fi 10 Pro.

Some of the other winners... meh, a little impractical, methinks.


High-End Audio Equipment Holiday Wish List

•Too Big For Its Own Good: Open Labs MiKo Portable Media Workcenter. Now, I saw one of these during the summer, and while it's definitely got a "Wow!" factor going for it, it's entirely too large to be even mentioned in the same sentence with the word "portable." Better have a giant desk with plenty of room on it for this guy.

The rest of the round-up is fairly spot-on, so if you're itching for some audiophile info, it could be worth a few seconds of your time. After you're done with our own efforts, of course.

Holiday Buyers Guide 2006: Audiophile Gear [CrunchGear]