PS3 Greymarket Watch: Jackass Wants $5 Million

PS3 Greymarket Watch: Jackass Wants $5 Million

As if asking upwards of a couple thousand bucks for your PS3 wasn't enough, a jackass wants all of $5,000,000 for his PlayStation 3. He whines:

This auction is being listed to help raise money for me to pay my medical school tuition. I waited on line at Wal-mart for over 57 hours. I was even there a whole day before anyone else arrived. I was first in line and when all the PS3's were finally released to the public, I bought everything they had available and therefore, THIS IS THE ULTIMATE PS3 AUCTION! I haven't seen a bigger PS3 auction on eBay yet!

Unfortunately for him, eBay's taken down his auction. Unfortunately for everyone else, he'll no doubt scam enough money to pay for his education, after which he'll become your local doctor.

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