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Continuing the Zune Accessories parade, today we have both the DLO Leather Zune case and the DLO Action Jacket, which is an armband case for the Zune. We still question the need for Zune cases, seeing as they're made out of a pretty scratch-proof rubberized plastic, but some people really like their gadgets pristine.

Both of these cases will protect your Zune, but one feels great and the other feels awkward.


The winner? The Leather case. The finish is supple and soft, which makes for a great feel when you're fiddling around with your player. There's a magnetic clasp to secure the flip-open flap, and the buttons aren't too hard to push—unlike with the Jam Jacket.

The only problem comes from the lack of a cutout on top for the hold switch when the player's closed. Not a big deal, when you think about it. And it's most likely the way they designed it. Pretty decent buy for $34.

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

The loser? The Action Jacket. It's no fault of DLO's that the Zune is so large. In fact it's so large, that mounting it on your arm while jogging will ensure that you're going to bulk up one arm more than the other.


The case itself isn't bad—it's made of rubber and felt—but the player doesn't quite line up with the cutouts and the buttons. Not a huge deal when you're jogging, but if you just want this case to carry around, we'd recommend you go up $5 from this $29 and go with the leather one instead.

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